Why doesn’t outrage over Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ extend to slaughter of Rohingya?

I am deeply saddened to see that not only have most of the mainstream news outlets neglected to report on the immense suffering of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, but the world too has either forgotten about the Rohingya’s or they just haven’t heard about their situation and their dire need for help.

I find it a real tragedy that people are sticking up for only the Muslims from the seven countries that President Trump has toughened up his immigration laws on.rohingi

But where is the outrage for the thousands and thousands of Rohingya Muslims who are being beaten, abused and killed on a daily basis by Myanmar “Buddhists”?

“The Rohingya are an ethno-religious group who have lived in Myanmar (Burma) for centuries but are still denied citizenship and other rights. Making up just 5 per cent of the predominantly Buddhist population, they are persecuted relentlessly by government security forces, firebrand Buddhist monks (yes, they exist), and the general public. This has seen them bestowed such titles as the “world’s most persecuted people” and the “world’s most unwanted people“.

” In 2015, some 87,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees attempted to flee from Myanmar to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia by boat. With no one initially willing to take them, thousands were trapped at sea for months. Unable to turn back, they drifted aimlessly, left, quite literally, to float into oblivion. Many did not survive.”

Here is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald. 



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