“We have and always will need a mediating Priesthood”


(A painting of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829)

Some sectarian Protestants claim that Christians do not need a mediating priesthood.

Is a priesthood not needed since it has been “fulfilled in Christ?”

The Bible repeatedly speaks of a priesthood authority outside of Jesus both before and after His resurrection, with John describing such callings just prior to the second coming.

Early Christian authors insisted too that high priests, prophets, bishops, elders, priests, and deacons with authority persisted among the Christians.

Efforts to deny the need for a formal priesthood seem to arise mostly out of theological necessity, rather than historical or biblical evidence.

What does the Bible actually teach about Priesthood in the Church of Christ?

There is much more about the priesthood that is contained in the scriptures. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints observes all the Biblical principles taught about priesthood, including:

That the Priesthood is the authority for man to act in God’s name.

The priesthood is given directly from God, though Jesus Christ.

That Christ was not the only one to have the higher priesthood.

Christ ordained the 12 Apostles with the priesthood.

The Apostles ordained others with the priesthood.

The church is identified as having the priesthood.

The priesthood is necessary to act in God’s name.

Those sectarian Protestants who claim that we do not need a mediating Priesthood, do not have the restored Gospel, hence the reason why they do not understand those passages of scripture.


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