“We should be a reverent people”


(The beautiful Hong Kong, China Temple)

I’m sure I am not the only Latter-Day Saint to experience irreverence during a Sacrament meeting, and experience the noise of the “foyer Mormons” during Sunday school. Tragically though just lately in my beautiful home ward irreverence has become somewhat of a problem. I see my wonderful Bishopric getting restless on the stand and wanting to say something about the noise and the unnecessary and disruptive movement of members, but can’t as the sacrament meeting is not the time and the place for that. Do we truly desire to be a more Christlike people? Do we truly desire to feel of Gods spirit and partake of the sacrament worthily to receive the blessings that only the sacrament can bring? Do we Truly desire to draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ? If the answer is yes then we need to show reverence and respect to our Heavenly Father and his son by partaking the sacrament worthily and attending our Sunday school classes. 

I am also far from perfect and need to partake of the sacrament in a more spiritual manner, so lets help each other and just sit down, stop talking, cell phones in pockets and rustling food packages left in bags. 

I will just leave a link to a great chapter from the book Teachings of the Prophet Spencer W. Kimball. I pray we can all make our Sabbath Day Church services a more meaningful and spiritual. 



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