“Jesus and the Islamic Christmas tree”


(A beautiful Persian depiction of Mary, Jesus and the palm tree, a story featured in the Qu’ran but not in the canonical Bible)

Did you know that in the Qu’ran there is a Christmas tree story? Well not a Christmas tree as most people would view them, with tinsel and flashing lights but a tree that protected and harbored Jesus and Mary during his miracle birth. In the Qu’ranic accounts of Jesus, he was born of a miracle virgin birth and God revered him so much that he ordered a palm tree to protect and shelter Mary while she gave birth to Jesus in the middle of the desert. When Mary’s friends and family came to meet Jesus after his birth they belittled and mocked Mary by calling her all sorts of names like ‘whore’ as she was an unmarried women who had just given birth. Jesus only a few hours old spoke from the cradle stating that he is the promised messiah and that he was born of a miracle virgin birth. Jesus was one of or if not thee greatest prophet in Islamic history. Even Muhammad was known to state that Jesus (Isa) was the greatest of all prophets as he was the only prophet to have the Holy Spirit with him. Christians and Muslims are the only people in the world who believe in the virgin birth and the Holy Spirit of Christ. We need to all find common ground on which we can all be friends as we all follow the same God (Allah is the Arabic version of the Gods name Elohim, El). 


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