“The Jews of Ethiopia”


(Ethiopian Jews reading the Torah)

Beta Israel (Beyte Yisrael) or Ethiopian Jews, are Jews who settled in and lived for centuries in the area of Aksumite and the Ethiopian empires Habesha or Abyssinia, currently divided between the Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia, after the destruction of the first temple by the Babylonians in 586 BC. Most of these Jews have emigrated to Israel since the late 20th century.

It is also important to note that the Beta Israel/Ethiopian Jews are actually from the tribe of Dan (regarded as Jews by religion).The tribe of Dan (descendants of Jacobs 5th born son Dan), left Egypt and were lead to the promised land by Moses (known as the Exodus). The tribe of Dan are Israelite’s, and they were the second largest Israelite tribe after Judah.

Pictured below are some Beta Israeli’s (Tribe of Dan) wearing Tefillin’s on their heads during their morning prayers. A Tefillin is a small box leather box containing miniature scrolls of Torah. The Tefillin also resemble the temple.


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