The Rosetta Stone.


(The Rosetta Stone)

This is the Rosetta Stone (Memphis Decree) and it is one of the most important historical items ever discovered. The Rosetta Stone is around 2,120 years old. The Stone is from the Ptolemy Empire.

The reason why the Rosetta Stone is so important in the history of linguistics is because it unlocked the mysteries of ancient Egyptian writing. The Rosetta Stone also provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

The Rosetta Stone records a decree of King Ptolemy V in three different languages: Greek (bottom), Egyptian demotic script (middle) and hieroglyphs (top).

King Ptolemy V, was King of Egypt from about 210-80 BC. He became King at the age of 5 after his father Ptolemy IV passed away. He was guided on the throne by his mother, Queen Cleopatra the Syrian (Cleopatra 1 Syra)

King Ptolemy V was not a Pharaoh, but of Macedonian-Greek origin (The Ptolemy Empire were Macedonian-Greek Rulers).
The Stone is a decree and was originally displayed in the ancient Egyptian temple in Sais.

The Rosetta Stone is made from Granite and was discovered in 1799 by a French Soldier in Egypt. The Stone is now housed in the British Museum.


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