“Historian in Zion, The Autobiography of Andrew Jenson, Assistant Church Historian”


(The book is available at Amazon.com)

This Autobiography of Andrew Jenson, first published in 1938 by Deseret News Press in Salt Lake City, Utah, tells the personal story of a Danish LDS convert who eventually served as Assistant Church Historian of the LDS Church over forty years. The author mined his voluminous personal journals and assembled Church records to tell the story of the Restoration and the Church since the 1850s, when he arrived in Utah as a European immigrant. Through Jenson’s synthesized research, writing, and reflections, readers come away with deeper appreciation for the men and women whose lives constitute the history of the Church. Jenson told their stories together with his life experiences, creating an important window into the LDS past.

Reid L. Nielson earned his BA degree and two graduate degrees from BYU. In 2006 he completed his PhD in religious studies at UNC Chapel Hill. He coedited the earlier books in this series, Rediscovering the Sites of the Restoration; Tales from the World Tour; and Exploring Book of MormonLands. Reid is currently an Assistant Church Historian and Recorder and the Managing Director of the Church History Department.

R. Mark Melville has a bachelor’s degree in English linguistics, with minors in editing and geology, from Brigham Young University. He was an editorial assistant at BYU Studies before working for the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

ISBN-10: 1944394001
ISBN-13: 978-1944394004


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