“A fantastic lecture I attended on the astonishing amount of evidence for the Book of Mormon”


(The Hebrew edition of the Book of Mormon)

The evidences for the Book of Mormon is overwhelming. Up until around 50 years ago there was little to no evidence to support the Book of Mormon. I recently attended a great lecture by Dr. Peter Sloan and he personally has over 4000 evidences for the Book of Mormon (That were not known to anyone in the 1800’s). But that is just scratching the service. The evidences are just amazing and during the lecture I learnt of some new evidences. Here are some new evidences that I learnt during the lecture.

The Hill Cumorah is a place of rotten bones (battle grave). In Ancient Sumerian (An extinct language of the middle-east) Cumorah means a rotten place i.e Graveyard.
Just before World War 2 the Egyptian border control and governors fort at Lachish the second largest city in Judea was dug up and the records found. in these letters were requests for help from Egypt to stop young Prophets stirring up the locals against supporting Egypt. Just as stated in the Book of Mormon. which of course was written way before this great archaeological find.

In Semitic names of ancient Israel there were no names that began with the letter F. And in the Book of Mormon no names begin with the letter F.
There is a historical/Tribal Honduran town called Leja-Mani which translates to Lehi’s town.

Over 22 names in the Book of Mormon are Ancient Sumerian.
In the Ancient Lench language of tribal El Salvador and Honduras the word Mohmon translates to waters of grinding corn. Now in the Book of Mormon the waters of Mormon is a place of cleaning/Grinding corn in the water.
The Popul Vuh or written history of the Mayans has many many stories that are identical to those found in The Book of Mormon
Recent research on the newly decoded Mayan Glyphs have found many Sumerian and Hebrew words contained in the Glyphs.

When the first Missionaries went into Guatemala they spoke to the elders of the Hopi tribe. The Hopi tribe told them that there ancestors come from a place called Darahemla. If you know your Book of Mormon you will know that Zarahemla is a large city/Political division where many Nephites came from.

The Hopi Mayans also believe in the same teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Only recent discoveries of Ancient Sumerian Tablets in the middle-east and studies of the extinct language have found the Hopi-Mayan language to be almost identical to the Ancient Sumerian language of the Middle-east. Here are a few examples of the Hopi-Mayan words and Sumerian:
Father Creator in Hopi is KA
Father Creator in Sumerian is KA
Spiritual Guide (Holy Ghost) in Hopi is AKU
Spiritual Guide (Holy Ghost) in Sumerian is ALU
Dawn (sun rise) in Hopi is Akush
Dawn (sun rise) in Sumerian is Akush

In 1997 archaeologists excavated the ancient city (Kingdom) of Elba in Syria. They found many clay tablets written in the ancient Sumerian Cuneiform text. After they translated them they found most of the names are found in the Book of Mormon. Most of the names are of Hebrew (Judean) origin.

The Book of Mormon language found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Book of Mormon language matches the oldest and more consistent Isaiah found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Which were not discovered until post 1947. The Book of Mormon uses the Septuagint text where as the Bible uses the Masoretic text.
The Quiche Mayans spoken language is Ugaritic language. And as I stated before it is almost identical to Ancient Sumerian.

It was only recently that the Ugaritic language was translated into English and The names of Lehi and Nephi have been found throughout the Kesh-Mayan tribes in Guatemala.

There is so much more new evidence that I learnt but I’ll leave that for another blog. 


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