“Respected Muslim author responds in the true Islamic way to the news of a woman who abused a Muslim in a store”

Qasim Rashid

(Dr. Qasim Rashid)

Below I have posted the response  from devout Muslim and Islamic author Qasim Rashid on the women who abused a Muslim who had let her go in front of the queue in a shop. The response is a truly Islamic one:

“I pray this story goes viral so this abusive woman can be identified. But, I don’t want her shamed or harassed, because that would be resorting to her tactics. I want her to see that Muslims are caring & loving people, and that she should get to know us before judging us. Indeed, that would be the Christ-like thing to do.

“WASHINGTON (WJLA) – A woman appears to tell a fellow shopper, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” in a video that is being shared online across multiple platforms.

According to the social media accounts of comedian Jeremy McLellan, his female friend, who he says is Muslim, was in a Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia on Saturday. In a Facebook post, McLellan says his friend let the woman cut in line ahead of her.”

-Qasim Rashid 

Here is the original article:



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