It’s heartbreaking that there is no mention or tributes being paid to the victims of the attacks in the Middle East


In the past two weeks there have been countless terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, an attack in Pakistan, and an attack in Tehran Iran which was the first in over 30 years. In total killing over 100 people. I am actually saddened to notice that for those people there have been no vigils, no candles, no concerts and no Facebook profile pictures changed to the flags of the affected nations. Do those people not matter? What I find even more devastating is that the media has scarcely reported on those attacks. I’ve read countless Facebook statuses after the heartbreaking attacks in England stating that “we are one” and “we will not be broken by terrorists” etc. I just wish those people aimed their statuses at the whole of humanity and not just their own nation. We can’t defeat terrorism by just sticking up for our own nations, we need to all stick up for each other. Once the world will stand together terrorism will not and can not win because it will no longer divide us. I pray that all Homo Sapiens will stand strong together and eradicate terrorism for good. I pray for world peace. It is most definitely possible.

-Posted from Bauang, La Union, Philippines


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